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Community Christmas Event 2021

For the past several years this church and the Disciple of Christ Christian church in Elkhart have alternated hosting a community Christmas event.  It is made up of local people performing various pieces of music, etc. related to Christmas.  We are hosting it this year.  It will be held on Sunday, December 5 starting at 6 PM.  After the activities of the program food will be available and people are encouraged to visit and fellowship.


Thank you for visiting the website of Faith Christian Fellowship of Elkhart, Iowa.  At this moment there is very little here.  Images are coming with a good collection of information about the church, etc.  We discontinued an earlier website and are constructing a new one.  For the moment the arrangement is very basic but this will change.  We want to at least give you a bit of information as to who we are.


 “Irregular Events” page has information about irregularly scheduled activities and events as well as changes in schedule, cancellations, etc.


 “Regular Events” has information about the more regularly scheduled activities and offerings and may have quick notes about some irregular event coming up.


This is a local church in the town of Elkhart, Iowa and is affiliated with Faith Christian Fellowship International in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It is commonly abbreviated as FCF hence our website address; www.fcfelkhart.com.


One reason this church exists is for the purpose of helping people who decide they want to make an initial inquiry into the ideas of what it might mean to have a relationship with the God of the Bible to be able to begin that inquiry.  For those who wish to go farther than just an initial inquiry and want to access and investigate the possibilities of growing in the knowledge of God and what that knowledge might look like we would be glad to offer our help in that area.


What we will share with you are things we have been learning for decades.  We are not at the end of learning.  Those of us who are presently in this church are continuing to seek this very same insight.  The Bible, including Jesus himself, encouraged lifelong learning of the Lord and what it will mean for both this life and the one to come.  Whether you are just starting or well along in the quest we would enjoy getting acquainted with you.  Feel free to visit us with no pressure or requirements being placed on you.


To use the traditional boy/girl relationship as an example, that starts with the first date.  On that date they are not talking about their 50th wedding anniversary and their children and grand-children.  They do not know each other.  They do not yet know whether there will be a second date or not.  If this is your “first date” concerning the possibility of a relationship with the Lord, we would love to be of service to you  It might sound like we are offering to be “match-makers”.  In a very real sense of the word that is a relatively accurate use of the term.  We know enough about the Lord to know He is interested in you and knows all He needs to know about you including anything you might consider to be negative items about yourself.  He is not bothered by any of those and is not going to gasp in shock at anything in your history.  We also know we can aid you in learning more about what a relationship with this God of wonder could look like.


Perhaps you are not sure there is such a person as Jesus or that there is any possibility of a personal relationship with God.  Maybe you are not convinced there is a God.  These are all very common ideas from ancient times for many people and there are real, solid and satisfying answers.  We can help with all of those.  We have numerous resources you might find interesting and useful in pursuing those challenging questions.  People often use the phrase “match made in heaven”.  That is a very literal description of what we are talking about and YOU can have such a match with this very personal God.  And it is not until “death do us part”.  This relationship will never end!


I believe you will find the people in the church to be worthy of your association and helpful in many ways.  They are genuine in the very good sense of the word.


We offer various special activities which might be of interest to someone who is not part of this church.  Those events are open to the public as are all of our regular gatherings.  We know many people have a church home and we do not wish to inhibit those people who belong to other churches from participating in any of our special activities.  Those events are for outreach purposes and offer much in the way of valuable and highly useful information.  Membership in this church is not required to take advantage of these things being offered.  There have been several such events with more to come.  Information about those activities and events and their schedule will be located elsewhere on this site.


Email contact is available at fcfelkhart@gmail.com and mail may be addressed to Faith Christian Fellowship of Elkhart, Iowa or just FCF, PO Box 50, Elkhart, Iowa  50073.  The address of the church is 186 South Grant, Elkhart, Iowa  50073.   From Interstate 35 leave the interstate at exit 96 and proceed two miles east to the town, which is small.  You will drive right to our location which is a brick building at the intersection of the east-west highway from the interstate and the north-south highway through town.


We also want to mention another website that you are encouraged to take a look at.  It is a personal project of the pastor of FCF of Elkhart; Randol Goodrich.  The site address is https://voiceofcami.com and there are several interesting things at the site.  You will see a picture of the Milky Way galaxy as the site image.  You can learn who Cami is; her relationship to pastor Randol Goodrich; what started the process of his interest in the things related to what he calls the Cami project; books which he has written up to this point and some others which are planned, etc.