Irregular Events

This page will have announcements about specific events which are not of a regular nature.  Please visit the “description” button for additional information about any activity or event shown on this website.  This page will not maintain a complete history of special activities.  Some previous events may be available see the descriptions of.  Information about the activity may still be available at the “description” page, especially if it is an event that will be continued in the future.


Sunday June 9 at 5 PM will be the next in our special Sunday afternoon education activities.   This will be a continuation in the Bollinger series Cancer-The Global Quest on DVD.  This will probably be the conclusion of this particular series though we have not watched all of it.  Some other parts may be visited in the future.


Sunday February 24 will be the next in our special Sunday afternoon education activities.  This will be the next in the Bollinger series Cancer-The Global Quest on dvd.  We will start at 5 PM.  Everyone is welcome.


Sunday December 9 will be the next in the series of episodes from the Ty Bollinger Cancer-The Global Quest dvd’s.  These are highly informative concerning discoveries from all around the world relating to natural means and methods of preventing and attacking cancer.  This will begin at 5 PM Sunday afternoon.  Everyone is welcome.  When you get to the church come upstairs, turn right and start down the hall.  It is the first room on the right.


Wednesday night, December 19, we will be showing the dvd The Star of Bethlehem.  It is a very modern investigation into the numerous verses in the Bible which talk about the star.  The tool of investigation is the most current star charting computer software available at the time, just a few years ago.  The results are very intriguing.  Get a fact supported understanding of what the star was, and is, and what its message was and is.  This will begin at 7 PM at the church.  Everyone is welcome.