Contact Us

There is a G-mail account for email contact at

Our Facebook page is Faith Christian Fellowship of Elkhart Iowa.


If you send an email that involves requesting information about an activity in the church such as, tae kwon do or church services or anything which needs to have a response and have not gotten a response in 24 hours please call the church number    515-367-2045.  We want to make sure you get the information you are desiring as soon as possible.  This will alert the one answering the phone that a message needs to be answered.


If no one answers the phone you will be able to leave a message AND that message will be sent to a personal email address which gets checked several times a day.  We can listen to the message there and know that you sent an email to the church email account shown above and are requesting specific information.  This will help ensure your email does not fall through the cracks and get ignored and we will be able to get a response to you quickly.


If you have sent an email to the church account which is requesting specific information and have not heard anything back within a day PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH TO TELL THAT PERSON YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN AN ANSWER TO AN EMAIL OR LEAVE A MESSAGE IF NO ONE ANSWERS.  THIS WILL ALERT US TO YOUR ATTEMPT TO CONTACT US!