This page will provide a more detailed look at the purpose for the activities and events offered by FCF of Elkhart.  Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what is being offered in the events and enable you to determine if you might be interested in attending.  The items listed are in no particular order except that the regular activities will be presented first.


Sunday morning service-begins at 10 AM usually with a few minutes for people to visit a bit, catch up with what others are doing, etc.  Our song leader usually has some inspirational thoughts to share at the start.  The music portion of the service is made up of uplifting songs that are easy to learn and have messages that are very worthwhile to have tucked away in your mind.  A message will be presented which can deal with a large variety of subjects.  A few areas that have been and will be looked into are mentioned below.  There is usually time given at the close of the message for anyone to ask questions or make comments concerning the subject.  Sometimes these become very interesting in their own light as different people share their thoughts.  There may be a time of praying for individual needs or the group praying as a whole.


Some subjects that have been and will continue to be examined include, but are not limited to:  spirit, soul and body; various aspects of what it means to have faith in God; a variety of subjects concerning the healing and health of the physical body; earthly finances; what it means to be saved and why it is the single most important action a person can ever take; what is the infilling of the Spirit of God; manifestations and workings of the Spirit of God; prayer (a very big multifaceted subject); how the plan of redemption works; the rapidly increasing collection of evidences within nature which directly point to Bible statements from thousands of years ago; what is the Bible; prophecy; bringing the Lord into the affairs of this life; why is there evil and where did it come from; the fascinating creation that is all around us and what it tells us about the God who made it; knowing the Lord personally; elements of authority God has given the child of God and many more.


Wednesday night service begins at 7 PM and aims to be done by 8 or shortly after.  It is an informal gathering, sometimes with snacks, with a time of individual sharing if people wish to do so.  There is some subject from the Bible that is the main item but individual comments and questions often bring other elements into the study.